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This is an normal easy dbz rpg. With allot off action and fun. Join now and you won't regrett it.
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 Fallen Demon

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Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan

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PostSubject: Fallen Demon   Fallen Demon Icon_minitimeMon 10 Nov 2008, 9:16 pm

A usual day on Earth, the sun was shining and people where walking over the streets. But not this time, now there where running, running away from something. Gohan thought it was weird, why would they run away. That meant something, Gohan ran to the place where it would be happened. There was nothing to see, only some people running away from the building. Gohan turned around a walked away, but then there was a noise. Gohan turned back around and saw something coming from out of the ground. A big black creature with a huge sword on his back, ugly face with big teeth. It was a demon warrior that was escaped from the underworld. Gohan must stop him before he did some ugly damaged.

Gohan ran to the big demon and shouted, "Stop! Go away or you will suffer." The demon laughed to Gohan, he did some steps to the right and he disappeared. Gohan was looking for him, then he got attacked by a human woman. Her eyes where red and she had an evil look on her face. Gohan couldn't believe it, the demon infected her. She was under the power of the Demon. "Show yourself!" Yelled Gohan when he kicked the woman away. The demon stood behind Gohan and he shot a ki blast to him. Gohan felt on his chess, but he recovered his fall with his hand. But he didn't saw the demon anywhere when he looked back.

Gohan was still looking for the Demon, but he had bad luck this day. He couldn't find him and he got attack by some humans. He stood in the middle of the street, surrounded by six humans that where infected by the demon warrior. The six humans, three women and three men attacked Gohan. They ran to him and tried to damage him with combos of punches and kicks. Gohan ducked under the arms of the humans and countered back with a knee to there stomach's. Two of them where to weak and fell on the ground. But the four others didnít give up that easily. They jumped up and jumped on Gohan. Gohan was stuck between the four; they grabbed his arms and legs. Then the demon came back from out of the ground. With a big smile on his ugly face took the demon his sword. He wanted to cut Gohan in two pieces. Gohan couldn't let that happen. He did everything to get free.

He got his foot free and kicked two humans away. Then he could release his arms, and he could avoid the demons sword. Gohan stood behind the demon and tried to hit him with a high speed rush. But the demon was gone before Gohan reached him. "Where is he?" He said. He looked back around, but didn't saw him. He saw the humans, lying down on the ground. There where back in there normal state. They didn't know what happened with them or what they did.

Gohan was still looking to the demon when he heard people screaming, again. Gohan ran to the noise, there he saw people running away from the creature that came from out the ground. It was the demon with his big sword; he was killing people, innocent people. Gohan was mad, he couldn't catch the demon, and now he is killing innocent people. Gohan was mad and flew to the demon. The demon saw Gohan and disappeared again, Gohan had to much speed and flew against a building. Gohan was hurt, he had to much speed and couldn't stop, and you could saw his print in the wall of the building. He stood back up and looked again around for finding the demon. No success, he was gone already.

Gohan hadn't his best day, first he couldn't find the demon and now it started to rain. Gohan hated rain, but he must find the demon. The demon was too strong to let go. So Gohan jumped up in the air and looked around, using his sense ability. He felt a great power level in the east of him; it was the same place where he was first. That was possible, maybe he had there a gate for coming to Earth and go back to the underworld. Gohan flew as fast he could to the place and landed in the middle of the street. There was nothing to see, he walked to a store left to him and opened the door. There was a hole in the floor. Gohan hang over it looking what it was, but then there was a noise outside. Gohan opened the door and saw a demon. Not the dangerous one, this demon was not like the one with his ugly face and big sword. This demon was skinny, had no big ugly face or a sword. He looked more like a human, only no hair but a horn on his head. He had also a tail.

There he stood, before Gohan, smiling like he already won the fight between them that even wasn't started yet. "Well, Well, what do we have here, a stupid human creature." Laughed the demon warrior. Gohan smiled back, he didn't answer back. He don't use words, he use his fist to talk. Gohan ran to the demon and used a combo of punches to hit him. And he did hit the demon; he hit him in the face on his right cheek and on his chin. The demon was mad that he was hit by Gohan. He attacked back, but he missed. Gohan avoided the punches of the demon; he was a lot stronger then him. But the demon exploded before Gohan could attack him. Someone killed him, but who? Gohan turned around and saw Matt, he is a school mate of Gohan and also a strong fighter. Gohan was glad to see Matt, now he could help him with the search to the demon warrior.

The half saiyan had a new adnventure mate, his name was Matt. He will help Gohan finding the bad demon. But the warriors had no clue where to begin. They went back inside the stort, to the hole that was in the floor. "Lets hope for something good." Said Gohan when he jumped in the hole. Matt followed his friend. He and Gohan came in a dark, wet cave. The half saiyan and his human friend where landed in the underworld, home of demons.

It was a big labyrint down there. Gohan and his mate didn't know where they must go. It was a bad idea thought the muscular warrior, why did he jumped into the hole, why? He was thinking, but he didn't give up the courage, he kept walking till he saw a light at the end of the tunnel. And there it was, light at the end of the tunnel. The saiyan and his friend thought there where free, back on Earth. But they where wrong, they came in a large room, a table in the middle with some papers on it. Gohan walked to the table and read the papers. A sort of contract it was. "I set you free if you kill everyone on Planet Earth ... sign Lord Dickus." That was weird, who is Lord Dickus and for who was the contract? Gohan wanted to read the next paragraph, but Matt disterbed him. The boy looked to his friend, Matt did a sigh to a wooden door. He heard some voices, one man with a heavy voice and another that was talking in a diffrent language.

The two friend looked for a place to hide. Matt ducked and went sitting under the table. Gohan saw a closeth and went sit in there, he did the closeth door a little bit open for seeing who it was. So the wooden door went open, two men walked in the room. It was the demon and a sort of wizard. That should be Lord Dickus. "We are not alone." Said the demon against his master. "What are you talking about, I don't feel anything in here." Answered Lord Dickus on his apprentice question. The wizard went sit on his chair by the desk, he felt something by his feet. Dickus looked down and saw Matt. "You where right." Said the wizard.

The wizard and the demon took there prisonar and left the room. The coust was clear for Gohan and he came out of the closeth. He walked closely to the wooden door and opened it. It was an open place, he walked further and saw a new door. The next door was from steel, Gohan tried to opened it. But the door was closed, the saiyan warrior looked for something to open the door. He founded a stone, he threw the stone to the door hoping it was good. He walked to the door and tried again, succeed. The door was open, there was again a path. That path was leading to another place. But where to? Gohan didn't care, he wanted his friend back. Who knows what they will do with his friend. The son of Goku couldn't think about that, he walked further and came to another wooden door.

The door was not closed as the one before. He opened the door and saw something diffrent then the other rooms. Its a room full of cages, in some of them lays some bones of old prisonars. This wasn't good, where was his friend Matt? Gohan ran true this room, he didn't wanted to stay here. Then there was a door, again. Where will this lead the half saiyan warrior? He was it when he opened the door. It was the arena or training field. It was dark, Gohan couldn't see well. "You finaly came." Said the Wizard Dickus when he turned the light. Gohan saw his friend, sitting in a cage next to the wizard high in the cave.

The halfbreed stood on the othe side of the room. He wanted to walk over, but no. It was a trap of the demon and his master. The floor went open, Gohan saw two demons, like the one he faced before when Matt helped him. He must kill these two before he could resceu his friend. The half saiyan took his fighting stance and waited on the demons move. The small skinny demons ran to the young boy, they did a fast combo off punches. Gohan blocked there attack and countered back, he hit them on there chess and in there back. "Sir, I know something better." Said the demon with his sword to his master Lord Dickus. "Let him fight against his stupid friend." The wizard started laugh, "Nice Idea, apprentice." Answered Dickus. The wizard killed the two demons they where fighting against Gohan. He touchted Matt.

Gohan friend wa changing, his eyes became red and his muscles started to bulk up. He was changing in a demon. Dickus opened the cage and let Matt free. "Take out that scum for me." He said against the Matt the demon. The young human boy jumped before Gohan and took his fighting stance and did a sign to the half saiyan. Gohan refused to attack, he didn't wanted to fight against his friend. The wizard didn't care and gave Matt an order. "Kill him!"

Gohan still refused to fight back, he got hit in the face by a powerful right fist of Matt. He fell down on his back, and he layed down. Gohan didn't wanted hurt his friend. But he must, he stood back up. You could saw anger in his face, not for his friend but for Dickus. He also released some tears, Gohan ran to Matt when a tear hit the ground. He released his anger in his fist, his fist went so fast that Matt couldn't follow and got hit. Matt fell several meters away on his back. He had some blood in his mouth. The infected boy stood back up and spit the blood out of his mouth. Now Matt was more angry, he ran back to the saiyan boy. Tried to hit him with his famous attack. Its a rush from punches and kicks, then he do a movement and fires a ki attack.

But Gohan knows that attack and avoided it easly, now he was in the sky, dashing to his infected friend. Hoping he can knock out the infection. It wasn't that easy, but there must be a way to free his friend. Yes, killing the wizard. Gohan pushed himself away from Matt and tried to get by Dickus. He was by Dickus, but also the demon, and Matt came to. Gohan stood there alone against three warriors, he won't win this battle. He must play it smart, how? The answer on that question was still unknow. The wizard threw the saiyab boy back downstairs, and he followed. Now the young boy must fight against the big wizard with a lot of experience.

The demon and Matt came to. There they stood the three warrior, several meters from Gohan that was alone. But the son of Goku couldn't watch anymore, he ran to the wizard, but Matt and the demon blocked Gohan and countered back. Gohan fell back on his back, the demon threw his sword to the saiyan boy. Gohan charged all his energy together for pushing the sword back to the demon. But the sword hit the wizard. The wizard got killed, and Matt and the Demon changed back to there normal form
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Fallen Demon
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