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This is an normal easy dbz rpg. With allot off action and fun. Join now and you won't regrett it.
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 Give me back my ship

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Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan

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PostSubject: Give me back my ship   Give me back my ship Icon_minitimeMon 10 Nov 2008, 1:15 am

A beautiful day on Earth, Gohan was continue his training. He was in the forest, he was alone between the trees and a river next to him. He sat on a rock, meditating with his eyes closed. he was listing to the birds and the wind that was blowing true the trees. Then he stood up on the rock, still with his eyes closed. He jumped into the air, did a salto and landed on the ground. "Now I can start my practice." He said to himself and started to gain some power by powering up. His blue aura came up and some tiny rock pieces started to rise into the sky, around Gohan middle height.

Gohan was powered up and could start his training. He shot a ki blast to the rock in front of him. The rock exploded in one hundred pieces. Trunk was ready and tried to punch or kick the rock pieces. He could hit some, but not all the pieces. Gohan was a bit exhausted by using the energy blowing up the rock, he started to meditate again. So he went sit down on the ground and closed his eyes. But it wasn't for long. He heard a noise in the sky. Gohan opened his eyes and looked up. It was a big space ship crashing on Earth. Gohan must find out who or what it was. He jumped up, took his stuff and ran to the big space ship. You could hear a big explosion when the ship crashed, there was a little earthquake. But Gohan didn't stop, he ran true the forest. Then he came by the open plains.

There it was a big crater with a big space ship in it. There came people out of the crashed space ship, it where space pirates. Gohan knower how the looked like, he saw them before. But how come they crashed on Planet Earth? It looked like there where hit by blasters from another space ship. And yes, there came a second space ship from out the sky. That wasn't as big as this one. The door of the landed ship went open; there came other space pirates out of it. Maybe there where friends of the crashed one? No there weren’t, they started to fight, some where shooting with pistols and some where fighting with there fist. Some of the pirates got killed and some of them got serious damaged. The pirates who survived ran to the forest where Gohan was.

The pirates saw Gohan, and stopped next to him. They wanted to attack him, but Gohan was to strong for them. "What are you guys doing, those men are your enemy, not me." Said Gohan against the leader of the Pirates. The man started to cry, "Help me, they always wanted my ship, and this time they have it, Help us!" He asked to Gohan.

Gohan stood there, watching to the guys that wanted to take the crashed space ship. "All right then!" He Said. Gohan threw his stuff a side and ran to the few men that where guarding the space ship. The few men saw Gohan coming and started to shoot with there pistols. Gohan where to fast for them and avoided the bullets and stood for there noses. The men where scared, they never saw someone like Gohan before. They tried to hit Gohan with there fists. And they hit Gohan, but they didn't do any damaged to him. Then Gohan kicked a pirate away and jumped in the air. He started to spin around and shot some ki blasts. The few pirates started to ran away from the exploding balls. But there where to slow by there armour. The men where K.o. Gohan did a sign to the pirates that where in to forest, the pirates came to Gohan and ran into there ship. Gohan ran after them. When there where in the ship, they splitted in several groups and went to other directions. Gohan was alone, but he could handle it. He ran to the control room.

The door went open and he saw six men, pushing on some buttons. "Hello there." Said Gohan with a smile on his face. The men saw Gohan, they all jumped before him protecting there leader. The room was big enough to fight, the five men ran to Gohan. The leader kept pushing some buttons. Gohan avoided the fists of the pirate warriors; he ducked under them and countered back. He did a dashing knee into the stomach from the pirate in front of him. Then he jumped over the other four and shot two ki blasts. He hit two pirate warriors, so there where still two off them left. Gohan started to charge more energy, the pirates where scared and ran away. The Pirate leader turned around and saw Gohan. "You stupid cowards!" Yelled the Pirate leader. He wanted to hold Gohan away, but it didn't worked. The pirate leader was scared to and ran outside. There stood all the space pirates. They ran to there space ship and flew away from Earth.

Gohan mission was succeed. "Thanks for helping me and my men." Said the man, he turned around and walked to his man. The pirates fixed there space ship and left Earth. Gohan training was stopped, but he had something else for it. It was becoming evening, so Gohan went home for a good rest.
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PostSubject: Re: Give me back my ship   Give me back my ship Icon_minitimeMon 10 Nov 2008, 1:17 am

4x story gain.
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Give me back my ship
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