Dragonball Z: Power Unleashed
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Dragonball Z: Power Unleashed

This is an normal easy dbz rpg. With allot off action and fun. Join now and you won't regrett it.
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 Cell V anyone (Spar)

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Male Number of posts : 25
Age : 29
Powerlevel : 1,316
Ki : 1,316
Hp/ Strenght : 658 hp 658 str
Fighting experience : 5
Attacks : Kamehameha,Afterimage,Super Kamehameha,Absorbtion,Regeneration
Transformations : N/A
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PostSubject: Cell V anyone (Spar)   Cell V anyone (Spar) Icon_minitimeSat 08 Nov 2008, 1:43 am

The bio-android was flying through the skies in search of a meal to feast upon, but finding a good one was always a great problem for the organic fighter.
Hmmmmm I should find of the foolish saiyans of this planet and absorb them for there energy taste so wonderful! Cell thought to himself.
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Male Number of posts : 2
Age : 33
Powerlevel : 176 700 000
Ki : 63 500 000
Hp/ Strenght : 890
Attacks : Flash Bomb, Super Flash Bomb, Hell Storm, Shocking Death Ball, Android Barrier, Ki Blast, Levitate, After Image Technique
Registration date : 2009-04-22

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PostSubject: Re: Cell V anyone (Spar)   Cell V anyone (Spar) Icon_minitimeWed 22 Apr 2009, 1:53 am

17 flyies to the scene. "So this is your first form i'd think you look buffer. oh yeah one more thing im still Android17 and there's no way you going to absourb me like you did before." 17 fly's away in search of goku. but teleports right behind cell and back slap's him.
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Cell V anyone (Spar)
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