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This is an normal easy dbz rpg. With allot off action and fun. Join now and you won't regrett it.
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 Gohan Training 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5

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PostSubject: Gohan Training 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5   Gohan Training 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 Icon_minitimeThu 06 Nov 2008, 1:08 am

Training 1-

Gohan gets up in the morning and sneaks past his mum, he hears Goku snoring in bed...He goes out side and goes for a 100 mile run...He sprints and sprints all the way around the city and back it took nearly 2 hours. 9:00am Gohan goes to the waterfall he used to meditate in as a child, he sits underneath and starts to float...slowly..slowly. 10:00am Gohan sees piccolo staring at the sky, they start to train together..By seeing who can knock the mountain down...Piccolo tried a crack came through...LOSE, Gohan tried it on a bigger mountain he repeated "KICK!" as the mountain came crashing down. 12:30pm Gohan went for a nice fly all the way around earth it took about 3 hours! 15:15pm Gohan quickly did some sparring with krillin, punch, punch, KI, kick, KI, kick, kick , punch and kick combo and Ki Wave! Gohan returned home before the time he had to help Goten study.

Training 2-

Gohan awoke to go get a nutritous glass of milk, he then went to the gym to do some training...Weightlifting...Gohan lifted a 4 pound dumbell up with ease....round 2.... Gohan lifted a 8 pound dumbell up, also with ease...Round 3... Gohan lifted a 16 pound dumbell up, it was still very easy for Gohans power...Round 4... Gohan lifted a 32 pound dumbell, it was getting a little harder yet it was still easy...Round 5... Gohan lifted a 64 pound dumbell It was quite hard and Gohans armed shaked a little...Round 6... Gohan lifted a 128 pound dumbell up, It was very hard, but Gohan managed....Round 7.... Gohan tried to lift it and managed but couldnt go further because it was DEADLY...
Gohan was tired after this but noticed a couple of saiyans out side, they were mugging some kids, Gohan ran out of the gym and started to fight.
"oi you!"-Gohan as he ran upto them
Gohan easily defeated one of them with a single KI blast however the others grabbed him, Gohan kicked his leg up to hit 1 of em and threw the other into him he watched as they struggled he then finished them with a single Ki Wave, suddenly his best friend appeared and decided to sparr with him, Trunks prepared, Gohan prepared....
Gohan straight away went in for a kick but trunks knew this move and esily dodged it, he then pulled out a sword "dont worry its plastic"-Trunks
Gohan ran and sweeped trunks, trunks fell, Gohan grabbed the sword a stuck it in the ground to prove he is true champion, a SAIYAN CHAMPION!

Training 3-

Gohan awoke and headed straight for the gym...He lifted many weights...13LB, 17LB, 18Lb, 24LB, 38LB, 50LB, 78LB, 134LB, 210LB and finally 256LB...It was hard but he managed...He then headed for his house....When he got there he asked his dad Goku to spar with him they sparred and it was a well fought spar as Gohan was pushed to his limits with Goku putting him in deep, emotinal and struggling situations..In the end Gohan came out on top as Goku purposly gave up. Gohan then headed the mountains to test his power and moves, he flew there to test out flight....he then reached the mountains...First he used his Best Ki He ran upto a mountain and shot a big Ki wave at it, he then jumped away and watched as the mountains then exploded Gohan watched the great exploding view....He then ran upto another mountain and did a diving kick from above this was the "Ariel Kick" the Mountain easily fell, Gohan went upto another and let out many barrages of punches. The punches kept on hitting the mountain when Gohan stopped he finished the mountain with a high kick...He waited as a giant crack came flying through the mountain it then spilt in half and fell.

Training 4-

Gohan wandered outside using his scouter he scanned the area he noticed a BIG power level from above the clouds....in a far distant Gohan saw a small pod homing in...It landed as Gohan saw a dust fly into the air from far and wide...Gohan chased the dust but when it vanished Gohan paniced he knew something bad was going to happen so he placed his scouter on his eyes and followed the power when he had reached the destination he saw a space pod it opened slowly as a man stepped out.
"Who are you, what are you doing here?" Asked Gohan
"I am Ruger" Replied Ruger
"Why are you here" Asked Gohan
"I have come to eliminate the one known as Goku!" Shouted Ruger
"Well hes my dad, if you want him come through me first!" Explained Gohan
And with that Gohan ran at Ruger however Ruger easily countered his move and openend his mouth as a giant mouth blast shot out and seemed to kill Gohan.

Gohans eyes opened he noticed he was in bed, it was 6am so Gohan went outside for a little walk he kept on getting visions of a man shooting a giant blast out of his mouth at Gohan...Gohan snapped out of the vision and kept repeating "Ruger must die" But who was Ruger? Gohan carried on walking until a man stopped him...

"Remember me, Ruger" Shouted Ruger
"Wha..What" Said Gohan as another vision popped into his head...Gohan once more snapped out of the vision which showed Gohan dieing....
"Think you can beat me?" Shouted Ruger as he pulled out a scouter, he placed it on his face/eye he measured his own power level, 6000...He then measured Gohans...1000...Gohan was nothing compared Ruger...Ruger dived at Gohan and easily threw him to the floor...Gohan tried to kick Rugers Groin however Ruger just stepped to the side getting away from the kick.....Ruger then charged his hand with a Ki wave and blasted it aiming at Gohans face pushing him past his limits....The Beam hit Gohan and Gohans eyes closed they opened again to reveal a yellow aura spark around Gohan Ruger noticed his power level boost from 1000 to over 7000! Gohan flew up and flew back down they both comboed at great speed Ruger prevailed and did a two handed hammer-punch sending Gohan flying to the ground he then shot 10 Ki blasts at the Gohan, it hit him, Gohan started bleeding and tried one last move Gohan ran upto Ruger and hit a Ariel kick followed by a giant ki wave Ruger was caught in the explosion....The explosion caught Gohan aswell.....When the smoke clears they are both standing....Slowly Gohan falls....So does Ruger.....there eyes close.

Gohans awakes to find himself in the same position on the floor...But Ruger is gone...Where?

Training 5-

Gohan awoke once more and made a milkshake with many fruits mixed into it..He drank it...He was tired and thought a 200 mile RUN would help him...It was going really slowly at first when Gohan suddenly speeded up by pushing his stomach in, moving his arms more and moving his legs faster....He ran and ran and ran and rand until finally he reached the destination he was waiting for....The mountains he thought he would have ago at knocking these 10 mountins down...He got up the old fashioned way, climbing it took a long time as the mountain was big and powerful but Gohan managed and he felt by tomorrow his arms would be bulging with muscles because of the climbimg which used a lot of arm force...Gohan eventually reached the top...The got ready to run across the 10 mountains that were joined together...He ran like a jolt of lightining.........all the way across the mountains he then jumped out like a jolt of lighting while sending a giant ki wave flying at all the mountains and landed on his feet on the plain grass he watched as the mountains exploded....Gohan picked up a power level...He folowed it until he noticed who it was...It was Danny, Ruger's guardian...it seemed he was very strong by Gohans scouter.

This time Danny seemed stronger then Gohan...Gohan followed the power level to the bold man Danny standing all alone at the top of a hill. He turned to Gohan and suddenly charged at Gohan... Gohan just bounced his leg of Danny and sent about 20 Ki blasts his way he then ran in and hit his best Ki punch he then watched as Danny exploded...Or did he? .............Yes he did

Gohan noticed another power level much greater then danny's....A shadowy figure appeared infront of Gohan, It was Ruger....His power level was flying just past 10000, Ruger sent his elbow crashing into Gohan...Gohan fell to the ground while holding his stomach as blood squirted out of his mouth....Ruger then shot a couple Ki blasts which hit Gohans face nearly killing him...Ruger lifted Gohan up and repeatedly punched him they both then flew into the air as they had another fist and leg fight...Ruger prevailed as he sent Gohan flying towards the ground with a two handed hammer punch...He then flew up high and sent over 30+ Ki blasts crashing down on Gohan followed by a Giant Ki wave he then repeated the words "Special Double Laser Cannon" As two giant laser came upon Gohan and nearly ripped him in half...Gohans eyes slowly drifted to sleep.....Or was it death?....

Gohan awoke to see himself in bed...Was it a dream?.....
Gohan tried to stand up...His foot hurt...He grabbed his clock...His arm hurt....he had red stains on his shirt...Was it a dream or was it reality?!

I really think i should get good gains...I spent ages on this as i couldn't think of anything.
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Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan

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Gohan Training 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gohan Training 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5   Gohan Training 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 Icon_minitimeThu 06 Nov 2008, 1:22 am

6x story gain
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Gohan Training 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5
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