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This is an normal easy dbz rpg. With allot off action and fun. Join now and you won't regrett it.
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 Future Gohan defends Earth (Saga)

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Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan

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PostSubject: Future Gohan defends Earth (Saga)   Future Gohan defends Earth (Saga) Icon_minitimeSun 02 Nov 2008, 5:55 pm

Gohan was meditating in a silence place in the forest. He wa flowing over the ground with his eyes closed. He felt some low powerlevels coming to Planet Earth. It where twenty off them. All in a saiyan space pod. They crashed on Earth on the plains, nearby where Gohan was. Gohan couldn't let that happen. So he flew to the wide open plains and waited there for the saiyan space pods. He saw them, he could do something. He charged for some energy and fired some kamehameha waves to the space pods. He hit some off them and exploded in the sky. But there where with to many. The saiyan space pods crashed and the doors went open. There came changeling scouts out off it. They must do recheach about the planet off there leader.

The changeling scouts came out there space pod. They saw Gohan standing there, waiting for them. The future had 't changed, this was never happend before. Gohan wasn't prepared for this. But he felt the low powerlevels off these warriors. So he didn't worried about them. "What are you doing here?" Asked Gohan on teh changeling scouts. but they didn't answered. Gohan was mad an ran to one off them. Gave the scout some kicks and punches. That one was already K.o. The other scouts saw what Gohan did and charged there energy. There powerlevel became higher. There where in some high tension. But they still couldn't match against Gohan, the warrior off the future.

Gohan stood over twelve men off changeling scouts. He was there alone, but he coulod handle these guys. Five off them ran to Gohan and did a flying kick. Gohan turned his body and avoided there attack. Then there came other five, and the five from before, the both groups attack Gohan from two sides. The changeling scouts came close and Gohan jumped into the air. The changeling scouts just could avoid eachother, or else they came to eachother. now they now that Gohan was quik, but is he strong? They dared Gohan to attack. Gohan began to smile. He rushed to the five to his right side and stopped before them. He smiled again and stoke them all down with punches and kicks. He did some backflips and fired a masenko wave. The five changeling scouts put there hands in an X-formation. The first tree got vanished, the masenko was to strong to block, at least for them. the other two where damaged. Now they saw that he was quik and strong.

The changeling warriors knew that momnet that they never saw there home planet again. But they couldn't think further, Gohan was on the run. He Flew to the two damaged scouts and destroyed them. Now there where still seven off them left. Seven to many for Gohan. He shot two kamehameha waves, one in each hand to the two other scouts that hadn't attack yet. The two where to weak and get also destroyed by Gohan. There where still five off them left. The five won't die without fighting. The flew to Gohan and tried to hit him with some punches, kicks or ki blasts. bBut nothing worked, Gohan was to quik and avoided all there attacks. But now it was his turn to attack. He punched one in the stomach, and he blow up. He kicked another one in the neck and he exploded to. There where still tree left. There where scared and tried to ran away. But they couldn't, Gohan destroyed all the space pods. Then Gohan charged energy in his both hands. He fired an huge kamehameha wave to the tree. It was to big to avoid or to strong to block. The tree changeling scouts got into Gohans kamehameha wave and got vanished.

Gohan defended Earth for a while, but how long does it takes when danger comes back to Earth?
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PostSubject: Re: Future Gohan defends Earth (Saga)   Future Gohan defends Earth (Saga) Icon_minitimeSun 02 Nov 2008, 6:09 pm

x3 story gains
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Future Gohan defends Earth (Saga)
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