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Dragonball Z: Power Unleashed

This is an normal easy dbz rpg. With allot off action and fun. Join now and you won't regrett it.
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 Cell's Amusment

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PostSubject: Cell's Amusment   Cell's Amusment Icon_minitimeSat 01 Nov 2008, 7:26 pm

Cell stood in the middle of the woods, the moon light gleamed against the lake before him. Cell had just awoke, from his slumber he uncrossed his arms and he took a step forward his foot crushed a broken tree branch as he stepped. Cell continued to walk forward till he stood before the lake. Cell got down on one knee as he a strange thirst for water came over him. Cell then put his hand in the water and he began to drink water using his hand as a cup to hold the water as he drank.

Once he finished he flew high into the air and he closed his eyes sensing for any near by powers, he was in search of weak ones, so he could absorb them. Cell sensed a village of humans not to far away he grinned ready to taste the energy of the humans. Cell then headed off in that direction, he arrived at small village with a very small population. The town only had a few houses and the ground wasn’t pavement with was simply dirt. Cell walked towards the center of the town and as he walked through he saw the lights were still on in the houses. “Good they're still here.”

Cell then headed toward the house to his left and he simply busted down the door and as soon as he did he heard a loud scream. He looked to his left to see a little boy and a girl holding each other in fear, to his right was a older man starting at him in awe and fear and standing before him was a young women who began running for the backdoor. Cell let his tail stretch out and race toward the women and his tail wrapped around her neck and began to strangle the life out of her.

Cell began to laughed with pleasure, cell then let his tail go into her chest and began to suck out her life force as he did this the other residence of the house ran at him and began to punch and kick him, but it had no effect what so ever. Once Cell took the women life he stretched out his right and left arms and he snapped the neck of the old man and then his tail retracted and smacked the two kids in the face then Cell stuck his tail into the young girl and absorb him and he laughed as he felt the power surge through him.

Cell tail then went into the young boy as he attempted to run away he was sucked into Cell as well, Cell then looked at the dead man on the floor and he fired an eye laser at him and he was incinerated. “Well that was easy.” Cell said as turned around, but when he did he found 1ten villagers each with shotguns in their hands all ready to attack Cell.

Cell laughed at their foolishness and he grabbed the fist man by his neck and tossed him into the four behind the man in his grasps. Cell then turned to a man that was next to him and his tail went toward him and into his chest and he was sucked away to nothing. Cell laughed enjoying the pain he was delivering. Cell then fired four ki blasts at the four men that were on the ground killing them, “They weren’t worth being part of me.” Cell said to the last five men. The five men began to feel true terror and then the men began to run screaming in fear Cell laughed as he his tail hunted them down and absorbed them all.

Cell felt great the power of those fools made him fell much stronger, Cell then flew high into the air and laughed, “No one seems to need this place any more.” Cell said as he stuck out his hand and he charged up the power blitz attack and then he unleashed it at max power and he utterly destroyed the small village.
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PostSubject: Re: Cell's Amusment   Cell's Amusment Icon_minitimeSun 02 Nov 2008, 4:57 pm

3x story gain
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Cell's Amusment
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