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This is an normal easy dbz rpg. With allot off action and fun. Join now and you won't regrett it.
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 Another Training

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Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan

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PostSubject: Another Training   Another Training Icon_minitimeMon 27 Oct 2008, 11:24 pm

Another day on Earth. Future Gohan was still training for defeating the androids in his time, the future. He went back to his training place, there he is alone. And it was quit. The evening was falling, sun went under, the moon came up with the stars. Gohan looked up and saw the beautiful stars. It was a long time ago when he saw that. Now he live in peace, but he still thought about Trunks an Bulma. So he jumped back up, took his charging stand and started to charge. The sand is turning around, small rock pieces are flowing around knee hight. Then he pushed his aura away. The rocks flew away against some trees, true leafs in the river nearby. Gohan took a step forewards and kicked with his right leg in the air. He did another step, but backwards and he punched in the air with his left fist. He jumped to a rock behind him and closed his eyes. He charged again, he hoped that his aura get stronger by overloading.

The rock was rising a bit. Gohan opened his eyes and spread his arms. He rised higher and higher, then he jumped off the rock and controlled the rock in the air. It was flying true the sky. Gohan was controlling the rock and chargeing for some energy, he fired an kamehameha wave to the rock. The rock blowed up in thousand and thousand pieces. Gohan jumped up and kicked or punched on the rock pieces. The rock pieces where destroyed by Gohan, there was only some smoke from the kamehameha blast. Gohan landed back and stood back still in his meditation stand. He charged back for energy that he lost by the kamehameha wave. His aura came back up. The liitle rock on the ground are flowing, but this time around his middle hight. But then there was an explosion. Gohan opened his eyes, the rocks fell down on the ground. He jumped up in the sky and saw a huge black smole coming from behind the mountains.

Gohan flied with high speed to the black smoke. A ship was crashed on the mountian. The door went open and there stepped three guys out off it. Gohan reconised the guys. There where strong fighters who fought the androids, but they lost. But they where also evil, they wanted take over Planet Earth. Gohan must stop these guys, that will change the future a bit. Gohan flied down to the guys and said. "This time you won't fight against them, your life ends here." The three guys didn't know where Gohan talked about. But they heard dead, so they took there fighting position. The biggest off the three is the boss, his name was Xavier he is an Alien warrior. The two others where his slaves. "Guys, attack him and kill him." Said Xavier to his slaves. The two slaves jumped forewards and took there fighting stance. Gohan knew there attacks and fighting style. He smiled to them.

"What are you smiling at." Said Xavier when he saw Gohan laughing. "I will tell you after I beat these guys." Answered Gohan. Gohan ran to the two, gave the both warriors some punches and dissapear. The two alien warriors looked around, but they couldn't find Gohan. But Gohan came from above. He did a flying kick to the shortest. The little warrior flew over the ground against the crashed space ship. The other one took his chance to attack with an fist to Gohans head, but he missed. Gohan ducked and avoided the punch, then he jumped back up and gave the alien warrior a dashing knee in the stomach. The alien warrior bend over taking to his stomach. The saiyan armor didn't work so much. Xavier couldn't look further to his weak slaves. He charged some energy and blowed them up, he destroyed them. "What are you doing, I had fun." Said Gohan. Xavier walked closer to Gohan and said "I don't care if you had fun, but tell me why you smiled."

Gohan went looking for a good spot to sit down. He saw a rock and sit down. "Well, I'm from the future and I know you get killed, but not by me, but now you get killed by me Xavier." Xavier didn't believe what Gohan said. That he is from the future and that he will kill him, but how come he knew his name. He never came here on Earth. Xavier didn't care. He took his fighting stance and did a sign to Gohan to start. Gohan jumped off the rock, rushed to Xavier and did a combo off punches, kicks and knees. Xavier avoided the punchs and the knees, but he got hit by Gohans left foot in his gut. Xavier strike back again with a punch to Gohans face, and his attack worked. The fist off Xavier landed on Gohans cheek. Gohan must take some steps back. The punch hurt him. But that was Gohans tactic. Gave him hope to win, and crush him like a bug. Lik the androids did.

The fight just started, but it looked like it be an heavy fight. Gohan took back the step forewards and did a kick to Xaviers Head. Xavier duck and tried to kick on Gohans legs, but Gohan jumped up and fired an ki blast to the ducking Xavier. Xavier jumped to the right behind a rock. The ki blast smashed into the rock, the rock explode. Then Xavier jumped from behind the exploding rock to Gohan. Gohan turned his body and avoid the jumping Wavier, he grabbed his leg whenXavier flied by. Xavier fell down on the ground. This was Gohans chance to damageing him, he kicked on him when he defend himself. Xavier pushed himself from the ground into the air. Gohan saw it and got kicked on the chess. He fell on his back, but he turned around while he was falling and pushed himself from the ground with his right hand. Gohan stood back up but didn't saw Wavier anymore. Where was he? he was in the air. The alien leader attack from the sky. Gohan turned again his body and avoided the flying kick. He jumped up and shot an masenko wave to Xavier.

Xavier turned around and saw the masenko from Gohan, he was to late to block or avoid. The blast smacked on Xavier, he got pushed several yards away. Gohan ran after him and did a flying kick. Xavier came up and saw Gohans foo coming, he just could roll over and avoid Gohans attack. "That was close." He said when he came back up and looked to the strong saiyan. The two warriors stood over eachother, it was dark, the wind blowed true Gohans hair and it started to rain. The two warriors got wet by the rain. But Gohan still stood there over Xavier. He isn't scare for some rain, Xavier neither. The two warriors ran to eachother and started to punch and kick eachother. The fists came together, and that made some shockwaves. The rain get pushed away from the two warriors. Then Gohan hit Xavier, and otherwise. Now the warriors where equal in strenght. But Gohan wasn't fighting on full power, Xavier did. "I'm gonna show you something." Said Gohan with a smile.

Gohan took his charging stance and started to charge. The mountain was moving a bit. Rock pieces are rising in the sky on middle hight. Gohans aura is pushing the rain away from him. Xaviers mouth went all open. He was surprised bu Gohans strenght, he had more then that. But Xavier didn't let that happen, he ran to Gohan to stike him down. But Gohan pushed Xavier away with his aura, and then he was ready with charging. "Now you are dead." Said Gohan and ran to Xavier. He did some punches to the Xaviers face, kicks to the gut and a elbow in the neck. Gohan was much stronger then Xavier, Xavier had no chance to avoid or block Gohans attacks. Xavier fell down on the ground. Gohan walked to him and spread his arm. "This is the end!" Gohan fired an kamehameha with a lot off energy.

Gohan hit Xavier, Xavier was gone, vanished. Gohan brought peace some while. But he knew there will be a neww oppoent behind the corner. This was an good exercise for him for turning back to the future. He must keep training, buying parts for the time machine and he can go back. Butr now , he goes to a peaceful place to rest for his next oppenent. What will bring thenext days? Gohan didn't now that. But he nows that he will change the future.
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PostSubject: Re: Another Training   Another Training Icon_minitimeTue 28 Oct 2008, 12:10 am

6x story training
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Another Training
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