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Dragonball Z: Power Unleashed

This is an normal easy dbz rpg. With allot off action and fun. Join now and you won't regrett it.
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 Tomas traning

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PostSubject: Tomas traning   Tomas traning Icon_minitimeSun 26 Oct 2008, 11:17 pm

I walk around a forest i walkroiund vegeta and see 500 earth guys runing at me and I shoot a daeth ball and kill them all

grade plaese ya its short I know
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PostSubject: Re: Tomas traning   Tomas traning Icon_minitimeSun 26 Oct 2008, 11:50 pm

To short here is an exmaple.

Vegeta had heard a roumer about a place on erath called The HyperBolic Time Chamber. He was thinking if he was to train in there he get much stonger. But he aslo heard how hard it is in the charmber
to train. "whilse i have to train hard here some i can handly The HyperBolic Time Chamber.Vegeta walks out of the kindom into a long and loney wast land. "This is more like a place to train at" as vegeta
takes of his armor "this will just slow me down". "let start" vegeta takes his fighting stands ready to train. Puch kick knee front flip spin kick Galic Gun. Vegeta aim his hands to the gound "ki blast"
vegeta goes flying in the air. "Now that what am talking about but it still not good". Vegeta shouts "Final Flash" the powerful ki attack makes smokes around vegeta. As the smoke clears all vegeta can is
a big huge crater. Vegeta smile and fly higher in to the air he faces the plam off his hand to the gound and shouts "Galik Gun", Vegeta sarts to glow blue then red then gold."ha ha ha" vegeta stop the Galik Gun
and drives toward the gound.

Vegeta popowers up his energy sword and head for the woods. on his way to the woods he see a old looking house so vegeta stop and fly over to the house."is any one home"vegeta say in a rushed vocie. a old
sayian man comes to the door ans says "what do you whant" "i was wounding if you had some food for me cause i have be training" the old man replys "no i havent now be gone u idot". Vegeta pushes the old man
out of the way and walks into his house "ways the food old man" "iam not telking you" said the old man. The old man shoots a ki blast at vegeta "thats it you old man your dead" "Galik Gun" the old lay dead on
the as vegeta enter the food room. "what a nice meal that was" said vegeta as he walks out off the house. "where to now...ehh...ah the woods". Vegeta enter the deep thik woods "energy sword" energy froms around
vegeta arm in a sword shape. "yets see how stonge this move is" as vegeta run to a tree and slices his energy sword right though it. " i like it" vegeta starts to fly though the woods sliceing any tree in his way.
Vegeta comes to the end off the woods. "iam tried" vegeta heads home.
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PostSubject: Re: Tomas traning   Tomas traning Icon_minitimeSun 26 Oct 2008, 11:53 pm

Thats not even worth 1 powerlevel, im not gonna bother grading. as for Vegetas example, 2x story train.
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PostSubject: Re: Tomas traning   Tomas traning Icon_minitimeTue 28 Oct 2008, 8:58 pm

haha what a worthless story toma
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PostSubject: Re: Tomas traning   Tomas traning Icon_minitime

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Tomas traning
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