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Dragonball Z: Power Unleashed

This is an normal easy dbz rpg. With allot off action and fun. Join now and you won't regrett it.
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 Tenshaku trains for 2nd form

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Tenshaku trains for 2nd form Empty
PostSubject: Tenshaku trains for 2nd form   Tenshaku trains for 2nd form Icon_minitimeSun 26 Oct 2008, 9:06 pm

"What!?" "Thats right Lord Tenshaku, Not only is Harukou dead, but so are Zairyo & Xairyo! what will we do!?" "Simple, you go to Earth. ill meet you there... heh.." "Yes Lord Tenshaku!"

Announcement: Tenshaku will gain 1000 powerlevel/ki & 500 HP/Str a day since half his team is dead so early, and he will also arrive 1 day earlier!. you guys better kick your training into high gear!
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Tenshaku trains for 2nd form
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