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Dragonball Z: Power Unleashed

This is an normal easy dbz rpg. With allot off action and fun. Join now and you won't regrett it.
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Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan

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PostSubject: Back in time   Back in time Icon_minitimeSun 26 Oct 2008, 7:06 pm

It was an terrible time for Earth. The androids where still attacking innocent people. If there where people. All city's are ruined and destroyed. No single plant or tree could grow by the damage by the crazy androids. But there was still hope for the people off Earth. There was an half saiyan named Gohan. He survided the attack long time ago. But all his friends, his family died that day. But he still had Bulma and her son Trunks. Trunks is his apprentice. He will teach him everything he knew. But that wasn't enough. Gohan wasn't strong enough to defeat the androids by himself, and he won't let Trunks join him to fight. He cared a lot off that boy, like a brother.

But its a same day as yesterday. The androids like hunting on Gohan. Then they had fun, he is the only one that can hurt these guys. And yes, the same this day. Gohan was training when the andoids came. Gohan couldn't fell there powerlevel. There was something about them, they wheren't human. More like robots. But this wasn't the time to think, but to defend. "Well well boy, we meet again." laughed android Seventeen. Gohan didn't smile, he took his defend stance and answered "What are you doing here guys? Don't you have things to do?" The two andoids started to laugh. "No its hunting time." said android Eighteen. The two androids fired an ki blast. Gohan blocked the ki's, but got hit by the punches off the two. He got punched in a buding behind him. This was an chance to flee. He tried, but the androids where smart, they found him easly. There is only one solution. Fight back, exhaust them and then flee. Gohan stopped and yelled. "Come and get me!"

Gohan was stopped and charged to his maximum power. The androids saw it and thought. " This can be fun." They both rushed to Gohan and and stroke him down with there fists. But it was an after image from Gohan. The androids where surprised. This was an new move from Gohan. Then they runed and saw an kamehameha wave coming to them. It was to late to avoid. The must block Gohans attack. There was a lot off smoke, Gohan took it as a chance to attack. He rushed to the two into the smoke. But they wheren't there when the smoke was gone. They fled away before Gohan arrived. They where fast, maybe to fast for Gohan. But where are those androids? Gohan looked around and saw nothing. He flied into some ruined buildings. Then the androids attacked from behind. Android Seventeen kicked Gohan in the back and android Eighteen punched Gohan down to the ground. Gohan smacked into the ground and made an little hole in it. He stand right back up and looked to the sky. But no androids, there where hidden again. Gohan hated when they did that. He walked forewards and looked around. He didn't hear anything, only the wind blowing true the destroyed buildings. Some rocks where falling down. Gohan looked to it and saw something moving. He ran to it and jumped in the air. He wanted to strike, but it was an human that was hidden for the scary androids.

Gohan said that the man must go away, but to late. The androids where there. "Leave the man alone, you must have me" said Gohan against the androids. "As you wish" said Seventeen. But the android didn't hold his word. He fired a death beam to the old man. The man was dead, Gohan was angry about that. He released some hidden power he had. "I will kill you!" He yelled and ran to the android. He stoke the android down with his right fist on the face. And it was an critical hit. Android Seventeen flied yards backwards. Android Eighteen was alon with Gohan and started to fight. There where acctually eqaul in power. There fist came together, there feet came together. That maked shockwaves. And the shockwaves where so big that the buidling are getting down. Gohan shot an shockwave to teh android and flied away. A huge rock fell down and Eighteen jumped away. This was Gohans chance to run away.

Gohan ran to Bulma's underground house. There was she working on an time machine. Gohan arrived to the house and explained everything to Bulma, he must use it now. He went into the time machine and put in the time. He hoped that Trunk will defend Bulma with everything what he learned from Gohan. Gohan flew in the air and dissapear. Then he arrived back on Earth. Did it work? Or is he somewhere else on Earth? He jumped up and flew to the city's. The city's wheren't destroyed, all the people ate still a live. It worked. But no one can found out he is from the future.
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PostSubject: Re: Back in time   Back in time Icon_minitimeSun 26 Oct 2008, 7:14 pm

4x story train, nice.
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